Welcome to Faith Church!

There's Something Here For You

At Faith Church, we believe everyone has a role to play. We encourage active participation, not just passive attendance. Whether you're tech-savvy, love working with kids, enjoy helping the community, or prefer welcoming others, there's a spot for you. We're here to help you find your perfect fit, where your unique skills shine.

While receiving blessings is great, there's something special about using your talents to help others, just like Jesus said: 'Giving is more blessed than receiving.' Check out these exciting opportunities to get involved..."

Our Vision

Our passion is His Presence.
Our priority is His people.
Our purpose is in serving.
Our pursuit is in bringing His Kingdom to the earth.

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Faith Groups

We believe that small group involvement is an important part of your journey as you become a fully developing follower of Christ. Faith Groups are where real, honest relationships can form and life-enriching friendships develop. We have every type of Group to fit your stage of life an interests.

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U50 (under 50) is designed to help train and equip the next generation to become the leaders of our church. We come together every Wednesday at 6:30pm to grow in our faith....

Food Pantry

Once a month on a Tuesday, we help those going through touch times by provide fresh and non-parashable food for those who just need a little help. All are welcome so don't feel shy or ashamed.

Free Dinner

That's right we said free! On the third Wednesday of each month we offer a free dinner to all who wish to come. You don't even have to stay for church (but it would be nice if you did). Come hang out, eat some good food and connect with others.

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Faith Kids

Faith Kids is an age-specific ministry with interactive, biblical teaching and activities. Our goal is to partner with parents to plant seeds of faith and ensure each child has a blast exploring God’s Word and experiencing His love each weekend.

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Faith Students

Our students (grades 6–12) meet every Wednesday night at 6:30. During this time, our aim is to help deepen their faith, build friendships and learn more about what it means to follow Christ.